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Tony you blur the line between engineer and producer. Loved working with you.

Kenny Loggins


I can honestly say I’ve never worked with an engineer who thinks more like a musician than you.

With your masterful handling of your equipment and great musical ideas it’s a joy to work with you.

Dennis Hamm/Jazz Keyboardist


I've worked with Tony Shepperd for over two years and I find him a wonderful all-around engineer but whenever I hear his mixes I find myself saying, "how does he do that?  

Now be mindful that I've been doing this for twenty years, and it's not often that I think to myself,  I want to mix like that guy someday. 

Dom Camardella: Santa Barbara Sound Design


In this day of the continuing evolution of technology in our music industry, Tony Shepperd has found the delicate balance between sonic excellence, technological advances and creativity.

His production talents have always been an intricate part of his mixing and now those talents are getting the recognition they deserve.

Kurt Howell: Producer / Musician / Writer