Tony Shepperd

Tony Shepperd has just released ‘The Mix Factory’,  a hardware summing mixer for discriminating tastes.

Tony’s credits include the biggest names in the recording world.  The engineer behind the likes of Neil Diamond, Kenny Loggins, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie, Madonna and Boyz 2 Men.


I’ve known Tony Shepperd since the early ’90s and have always been impressed with his commitment to high-quality audio. When I heard he was teaming up with A-Designs to build the ultimate summing mixer, I couldn’t wait to hear the result. And my excitement grew considerably when I heard that the legendary Paul Wolff was its designer. 

The Mix Factory ($2,990 street) is a 2U, 19-inch deep summing box. It features a sleek black faceplate that includes 35 brushed aluminum knobs, 20 illuminated buttons and a two-channel LED output meter. The rear panel includes a pair of D-sub connectors for input, balanced XLR stereo I/O for the three inserts, transformer-balanced XLR stereo outputs for monitor output (pre-master fader) and main output (post-master fader) and a pair of female XLR connectors to daisy-chain multiple Mix Factories.  MORE

The A-Designs Mix Factory takes a fresh approach to analog summing, delivering analog warmth with the depth and imaging needed to make your mixes truly stand out. Mix Factory inputs 16 channels and sums to balanced stereo outputs. All channels are fitted with gain controls, pan pots, and mutes. Two 8-channel groups are provided, each has an insert with mute button, and there is a master insert for all 16 channels. Mix Factory lets you switch between “clean,” which bypasses the transformers, to “tonal,” which introduces the harmonic enhancement of custom Cinemag output transformers. The Mix Factory is linkable, letting you expand to 64 or more channels. Take your studio to the next level with the A-Designs Mix Factory.  MORE


The   MIX   FACTORY   is   a   concept   developed   by   Tony   Shepperd   (who   is   known   for   his   high-quality   recordings   ranging   from  Gospel,   R&B   to   Rock),   designed   by   Paul   Wolff   (one   of   the   top   designers   in   the   audio   industry),   and   manufactured   by   A  Designs Audio, Inc. –  (manufacturer of products such as the Pacifica, Ventura, REDDI, Hammer 2 and Nail).

Tony   Shepperd   was   one   of   many   modern   engineers   that   felt   that   everything   could   be   done   “IN   THE   BOX.”   But,   he   came   to  realize   that   analog   and   digital   could   live   very   well   together.   By   combining   the   two   –   analog   and   digital   –   to   create   a   Hybrid   –  was   the   special   combination   that   took   his   mixes   to   a   level   that   had   other   recording   engineers   calling   him   for   tips   and  demanding to know how he made his recordings sound so great. MORE


Tony’s resume in the music industry is second to none. Long considered to be one of the best tracking engineers in the music world.  His track record of artists he’s engineered and produced reads like a whose who in the entertainment industry. Currently, working with his staff of singers as the owner of Breath Of Life Records, located in Los Angeles, CA.


"Tony you blur the line between recording engineer and producer"


"I’ve never worked with an engineer who thinks more like a musician than you, with your masterful handling of your equipment and great musical ideas."

Joe Ieradi

"Tony Shepperd has been a key figure in some of the most important recordings I've done. From the Take 6 sessions at Kurzweil to the Yamaha C7 recordings for Ivory, his engineering has yielded stellar results every time."